Institute of Natural Law

The Institute of Natural Law is a platform for storytelling and experiential learning, weaving Indigenous wisdom with the work of earth scientists and leading thinkers to showcase the application of Natural Law and its potential to cultivate abundance within communities and the following sectors:


Advocating for ethical stewardship, Indigenous reparations, the protection of natural land rights, and future responsibility while balancing human needs.


Encouraging individuals and Institutions to adopt more moral and ethical behaviors and practices within the context of equality, sustainability, and human rights.


Challenging exploitative business practices, influencing regenerative investments, and emphasizing corporate responsibility for the common good.


Demanding accountability from our governments to uphold civil liberties, environmental protection, and human rights, influencing political debates, and legal reform.

What is Natural Law?

Natural Law is a system of objective, universal principles unrelated to culture or religion which govern all life, and imply an ethical foundation derived from nature or reason.

Natural Law is Nature observing Nature.

As we face the threat of a socio-economic and ecological collapse, we can turn to Natural Law as a timeless framework that can be applied to ethics, regenerative solutions and an overall blueprint for survival and a thriving future on our planet.

The first step: acknowledging that we are not separate.

We are Nature.

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Institute of Natural Law

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